London ElasticSearch User Group Presentation

elasticsearch meetup duedil

This week I had the fantastic oppertunity to give a presentation at the London ElasticSearch User Group, held at London's SkillsMatter eXchange. In my talk, I discuss how DueDil have been harnessing the power of ElasticSearch to build a new way of searching, analysing and exploring business information. I cover the topics of importing via the bulk indexing API, and tricks and tips ar…

DueDil completes Series A funding and announces $5m in new investment

duedil funding

As many of you know, I work at Duedil. I've got some great news to report: we've just closed our Series A funding round with Notion Capital, Oak Investment Partners and our existing investors. For us, this means a $5 million injection to continue our development and enable expansion to new countries - I couldn't be more excited :)…