Using Elasticsearch on Amazon EC2

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fosdem opensource vimeo cameo

I've just returned back from another amazing weekend at FOSDEM, the annual gathering of the open source community in Europe. As always, thousands of developers decended on ULB, Brussels for a busy few days of talks and presentations.…
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I've Joined Vimeo


I've got some great news - I've joined the team at Vimeo! My first day was yesterday and I'm already so excited about working here. I'm tasked with improving the search platform, and I can't wait to immerse myself in this role…
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Elasticsearch 1.0 launched: An overview.


This is the day that everyone in the Elasticsearch community has been waiting for: Elasticsearch v1.0 has been officially launched and is available to download and use right now! 1.0 makes massive leaps forwards, and proves that Elasticsearch really does go beyond 'just search'. Elasticsearch has been production-ready for a long time now, but I'm sure the 1.0 milestone will help see even mor…
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FOSDEM 2014: a retrospective.

fosdem opensource

For those of you who arn't familiar with FOSDEM, it brings together the open source community from all across Europe for a weekend of fantastic seminars and discussions about all aspects of open source software…
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